CBD Oil XL Canada is a hub for the latest news related to the CBD and Hemp industries.

Our Vision

CBD Oil XL started with the purpose of informing Canadians about the most recent news about CBD. As it has recently been legalized and updates are still being made around this topic, we found it important to create a site where people interested in this topic could access all the information in an effective matter. There can be a lot of misconceptions about what CBD is; therefore, we want to recommend and inform people about what CBD really does and the benefits it provides, and the best options for people to try.

Our Mission

Our mission to inform people about the updates that occur around the CBD topics by constantly being on top of the news sites, the new products being released, and the new laws and regulations being made in Canada. In order to do this, we want to send weekly newsletters narrowing down the most important articles along with relevant updates about law regulations. We believe we can do so by following the latest news about CBD, try out products to recommend to our readers, and networking with experts in the topic.

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